INTERVIEW: Mickey Rourke Piledrives ‘The Wrestler’

A little over twenty years ago, actor Mickey Rourke was at the top of his game, giving critically acclaimed performances in movies like Barfly and 9 1/2 Weeks and Angel Heart and destined to be a Hollywood movie star on par with Bruce Willis in terms of his potential. Then something happened, much of it revolving around the reputation Rourke created for himself of being difficult to work with. By 1991, Rourke had decided to give up acting in favor of returning to his first love as a trained boxer, though he'd eventually return for small roles in movies by Robert Rodriguez and Tony Scott, and reminding everyone of his greatness when Rodriguez hired him to play Marv in Frank Miller's Sin City

A few years on, Rourke is having what many are considering his comeback in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler in which he plays Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a wrestler twenty years past his prime who is trying to continue making a living in the ring despite health problems that might kill him if he continues. As Randy recovers from a heart attack, he bonds with his estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) and an attractive and caring stripper (Marisa Tomei). 



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