INTERVIEW: ‘Lost’ lead Matthew Fox Flash Forwards to Season 4


Seven and a half months later, we're still picking brain matter off the wall. There we were, innocently watching Lost's season 3 finale on May 23, trying to figure out the direction of the flashback sequence in which Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) had become an oxycodone addict/Grizzly Adams look-alike, when suddenly...WTF?! This is a flash-forward?! He and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) are both off the island?! he wants to go back? This stunning episode — in which Jack led the castaways to near rescue (or not, depending on those freighter folks), and Dominic Monaghan's Charlie embraced his watery fate — represented a return to glory for ABC's acclaimed island drama, which had left critics and fans disgruntled earlier in the season.

It also marked another potent acting performance by Fox, 41, who's served as a Lost leader, on screen and off, ever since Flight 815 crashed in 2004. ''I felt, and heard many other cast members say, that the show had hit a new plateau — and that Matthew in particular had gone there with it,'' says Michael Emerson, who plays Jack's eerie nemesis, Ben.

(Source: EW)

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