INTERVIEW: Julianne Moore on her new movie ‘The Kids Are All Right’

In the new movie "The Kids Are All Right" actress Julianne Moore plays half of a lesbian couple whose teenage children decide to track down the sperm donor who fathered them. The indie comedy-drama about love, family and responsibility, directed by Lisa Cholodenko ("High Art") and co-starring Annette Bening, is an alternative to the special-effects-laden films that typically litter the summer schedule.

A four-time Academy Award nominee, Ms. Moore has made a career out of taking on roles that lack Hollywood glamor. In "Safe" (1995), she played an ailing woman who is overcome by her sensitivity to the chemicals around her; in "Boogie Nights" (1997), she portrayed a past-her-prime porn star; and in "Far From Heaven" (2002), she was a homemaker whose life is shattered by her closeted homosexual husband. "Julianne brings an interesting combination of star quality and iconic presence to a movie," Ms. Cholodenko says. "But the unexpected thing that makes her so intriguing is she's willing to go to places that most starlets aren't willing to go as characters—physically or emotionally."

Ms. Moore talked to The Wall Street Journal about her career, moving to Manhattan and "The Kids Are All Right," which opens on July 9.


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