INTERVIEW: John Tavolta is a real woman in ‘Hairspray’


WE had only just met, but John Travolta, big and handsome and hypnotic, was fondling the lapel of my navy blue blazer. “Ooh, what a great idea to match this with a cobalt blue shirt,” he cooed. “I wouldn’t have thought of that.”   Disarming, but doubtful. When it comes to appearances, Mr. Travolta seems to think of everything. Chatting on Father’s Day in his Spanish-style home here in the Brentwood hills, he was a carefully considered composition in black — blazer, shirt, pants — and crocodile slip-ons. His hair was precisely deployed in a center part flip, which made his bangs look like quotation marks framing his face.  Because we were discussing his role as the obese, fashion-challenged laundress Edna Turnblad in the $75 million movie version of the musical “Hairspray,” which opens nationwide on Friday, the subject naturally kept returning to clothing, coiffure and body type.

(Source: New York Times)

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