INTERVIEW: John Cusack On ‘2012’ And The Magic Of Roland Emmerich

John Cusack has been a certain kind of hero for decades now-- every guy wants the guts to serenade his crush like Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything, or the limitless pop culture knowledge of Rob Gordon in High Fidelity. But only in 2012 is he really taking charge as a hero, helping his ex-wife and their children escape the mayhem and destruction that occurs when, well, the world begins to end.

In a roundtable interview last week, Cusack said it was fun to have the chance to play the everyman turned hero, but maybe even more fun to drink near-beers with Woody Harrelson and marvel at how director Roland Emmerich pulled off the whole spectacle. Read below for our conversation with him. 2012 opens this Friday.


Filmmaking, Hollywood

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