INTERVIEW: Jenna Fischer on ‘Walk Hard’


Opening this Friday is the new Judd Apatow produced comedy “Walk Hard.” The film is a spoof of the biopic genre, with “Walk the Line” being its primary target. For the 2 people that haven’t seen the clips or heard about the movie, "Walk Hard" follows the up and down career of Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly) as he battles drug addiction, marriage, sleeping with too many women, and causing many family problems. But despite all his hardship, he manages to eventually earn the love of a good woman – longtime backup singer Darlene (Jenna Fischer). Anyway, a few weeks ago I got to participate in a small roundtable interview with Jenna Fischer. During our time we covered her work on "The Office," the still going writers strike, making “Walk Hard,” her next movie “Quebes (also with John C. Reilly) and a lot more. If you’re a fan of Jenna’s you’ll definitely like the interview.  

(Source: Collider)

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