INTERVIEW: Jason Statham on ‘Death Race’

Only a few hours before I sat down at a roundtable with Jason Statham to talk about Death Race at Comic Con, I had left the Masters of the Web party, been thrown out of a Hard Rock Hotel room (with a bunch of other people; San Diego's Hard Rock is the weak sister of that hotel chain) and eventually had a fully insane man threaten to cut my face off before claiming to be a cop. That led to me and Devin jumping in a cab to get out of dodge while Ryan Rotten watched our back. 

Hell of a night. 

With little chance to rest, I had to meet a bunch of the same people that had been busted at the hotel earlier, in a parking lot under a pop-up tent, to talk about movies. Not the worst job, really. It's worth mentioning that while he hadn't been in the last suite (and he didn't threaten me) Jason Statham had been at the same party with us, and probably drinking much harder. (It was his birthday.) 

He sat down with a handful of hungover editors, peering at us from behind massive shades, and, like a pro, gave it a shot.


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