INTERVIEW: ‘Hot Fuzz’ director Edgar Wright


The team behind the quickly-gaining-cult-status film Shaun of the Dead follows up their success with a new film called Hot Fuzz. Just released in the US, it has already been doing robust business in the UK. The director, Edgar Wright, hails from a music video and British episodic TV background. According to Wright, the idea behind Hot Fuzz was hatched prior to the making of Shaun of the Dead:

Kind of the point of the film is that in the UK, there are no action films, particularly. There are hardly any police films at all. In the UK, people make gangster films because gangsters are considered cool, whereas the cops couldn't be less cool, not just as authority figures, but the fact that they don't have guns. So you can't really make a British police film. So that's what we set out to do, because we were so sick of gangster films. How can we make a British Lethal Weapon? How is it even possible with no guns? So that's what we set out to do and essentially the first half of it answers the question of why there are no British action films and then we try to have our cake and eat it by throwing in running and jumping and explosions and shit.

If Shaun of the Dead was an irreverent spoof of zombie films, then Hot Fuzz is a spoof of police action movies. The film's tone toes the line between edgy, funny and violent. Working with the same creative team of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Hot Fuzz follows the adventures of a top metro London cop (Pegg) who is assigned to a small sleepy town where no murders have been recorded in twenty years. Until, of course, now when a series of grisly murders start to happen. Edgar Wright chats in this interview about the influences of Hot Fuzz and why Jason Statham is the new Charles Bronson.

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