INTERVIEW: ‘Hitman’ star Timothy Olyphant


The name Timothy Olyphant probably doesn’t ring a bell when I say it, unless maybe you are one of the select group that followed HBO’s excellent western series, Deadwood, on which Olyphant portrayed town Sheriff Seth Bullock.

But even if you don’t know that name, you likely know the face. The drug dealer in Go, the pornographer in The Girl Next Door and the best Die Hard villain since Alan Rickman in this past summer’s Live Free or Die Hard. Starting to ring a bell?

Thus far, Olyphant has primarily made his name on characters of the sleazy or villainous variety. Something about his trademark stare through the top of his lids seems to indicate “maybe you shouldn’t trust this guy.”

Fox is attempting to change all that by casting Olyphant as the hero (of sorts) in the new adaptation of the popular Hitman game series, although considering he’s still a killer (albeit a professional one) he hasn’t exactly made the full-on transition to wholesomeness.

(Source: Reelz Channel)

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