INTERVIEW: Greg Grunberg of of NBC’s ‘Heroes’

Yesterday I was lucky enough to hang out with a real super hero - even if he just plays one on TV.  Greg Grunberg, who plays Officer Matt Parkman on "Heroes", gave me a personal backstage tour, allowed me to view the taping of a scene with the adorable Adair Tishler, and treated me with access to the inner workings of the magical world of NBC's hottest show. We even spent some time with Zachary Quinto, who is not nearly as a scary as his character Sylar.  

Greg told me about the new season of "Heroes", playing music with Band From TV, and the little known YouTube movies that the actors make back stage. After last night's dramatic Season Premiere everyone will be searching each episode for the helix which if you'll find in my photos from the set after the jump. 

(Source: LAist)

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