INTERVIEW: ‘Entourage’ executive producer Mark Wahlberg dishes about his own posse

Do the "Entourage" writers hit you up for stories from your life?

Yeah, here and there. There's nothing I'm going to own up to. They also take liberties and take from other people's experiences in the business and try to come up with cool and interesting stuff. It's all pretty realistic as far as Hollywood goes.

                                - Mark Wahlberg

The boys are back for a new fourth season in Entourage. The show is riding the peak of its success and nowhere has it found a bigger star than in Jeremy Piven who plays the cocky superagent, Ari Gold. No doubt the highlight of this new season will be to watch Ari grovel and plead his way back to hotshot movie star Vince’s good graces. The perennially and good natured Vince is played by Adrian Grenier. Viewers will know that Ari was fired by Vince at the end of last season. Ari will also have some competition in the form of another agent courting Vince, played by Carla Gugino. 

Fans of the show will know that inspiration behind Entourage is another movie star – Mark Wahlberg. Based in part on his Hollywood life, Wahlberg talks about the parallels of the show and his own life in this interview for HBO. No word yet if Wahlberg or the creators will include Piven’s real-life dissing of a waiter at Nobu’s into an episode. Entourage premieres April 8 on HBO.

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