INTERVIEW: Director Tony Gilroy on shooting his own script for ‘Michael Clayton’


In the past year, many respected screenwriters have made the jump to directing--John August, Scott Frank and Mark Fergus are three who've made some of the more interesting transitions--but none of them can claim they got superstar actor George Clooney to star in their first feature. Maybe that's because they don't have the background and success that Tony Gilroy has had with the intelligent thrillers he's penned in the last decade including The Devil's Advocate, Proof of Life and all three of the "Bourne" movies.  Gilroy's directorial debut Michael Clayton continues the tradition with a corporate thriller starring Clooney as the "fixer" of a large New York law firm who gets caught up in the cover-up plot for a billion dollar class action suit that's already left one of his colleagues dead. It's part Erin Brockovich, part The Firm and an amazing look into the world of corporate law that hasn't been seen on film quite like this. While up at the Toronto Film Festival, Tony Gilroy took part in an insanely mobbed press conference with Clooney and his co-star Tilda Swinton, but later on, had a chance to sit down with the New York native in a quieter setting. 



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