INTERVIEW: Director Scott Hicks makes ‘No Reservations’


Ten years ago, Australian filmmaker Scott Hicks got caught up in Oscar fever when his movie Shine received five nominations including one for Hicks' direction. It was a huge breakout for the director and the film's star Geoffrey Rush, who won an Oscar for his first featured film role. Hicks went on to direct movies based on David Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars (a movie hailed for its cinematography) and on Stephen King's novel Hearts in Atlantis starring Anthony Hopkins.  

The latter movie came out in 2001 and it's been over six years since Hicks' name was seen on a feature film, but now he's back with No Reservations, a considerably lighter film based on the German Mostly Martha, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as a New York chef whose professional life gets sidetracked when she has to take care of her late sister's young daughter (played by Abigail "Little Miss Sunshine" Breslin) and deal with a hotshot chef (played by Aaron Eckhart) who's interested in Kate for more than her cooking secrets. 


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