INTERVIEW: Director Roland Emmerich on his mammoth epic ‘10,000 BC’


Director Roland Emmerich has depicted vast-scale alien wars and environmental catastrophe in some of the most successful blockbusters of the past decade, including “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow.” Now turning his camera to the distant past to create “10,000 BC,” the filmmaker faced perhaps his boldest, most ambitious challenge to date.

Creating a new myth about a hero who emerges from an isolated tribe to challenge an empire, Emmerich sought to transport audiences into an adventure unlike anything they have experienced before, while stretching the boundaries of how a film should be defined. “I have always been intrigued by the idea of classic storytelling, in the timeless way people have told stories round the campfire for generations,” says Emmerich. “When your subject matter is early man, you have the opportunity to tell very rich heroic stories in which one character has to do the almost impossible. I wanted to make a movie that would allow audiences to fall into this other world that looks and feels like nothing they have ever seen.”

(Source: Emanuel Levy)

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