INTERVIEW: Director Michael Winterbottom on making ‘A Mighty Heart’


Prolific British director Michael Winterbottom, known for a large and eclectic body of work that ranges from the comic ("Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story") to the extremely sobering ("The Road to Guantanamo"), has done something very unusual in the past half decade. He's completed three films in five years that return to one basic theme: The West's relationship with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"In This World" (2002) followed Afghan refugees escaping to England. "The Road to Guantanamo" (2006) was a dramatized nonfiction story of three British citizens caught up in the war in Afghanistan, brought to Guantanamo for much abuse by U.S. operatives, and miraculously returned to Great Britain.  

Winterbottom's latest, "A Mighty Heart," took him back to the same war-torn terrain, but presents another side of the story in its rendering of Mariane Pearl's memoir about the kidnapping and death of her husband, Wall Street Journal South Asia Bureau Chief Daniel Pearl, which began when she was six months pregnant with his child.

Winterbottom, in a recent stop through San Francisco, spoke with Michael Guillen, who took part in a roundtable interview with other journalists for, about his return to Pakistan with this film.

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