INTERVIEW: Director F. Gary Gary on making ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx

Back in the '90s, F. Gary Gray was the go-to guy for some of the top rappers including Ice Cube, who brought him onboard to direct his early comedy Friday. Fourteen years later and Gray's latest movie, his seventh, is Law Abiding Citizen, a two-handed psychological thriller starringGerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, that harks back to Gray's earlier movie The Negotiator but shows how greatly he's improved as a filmmaker in the ten years since making that movie. 

Butler plays Clyde Shelton, a man whose wife and daughter were murdered in a home invasion, setting him on a path of revenge that doesn't just stop with the killers, as he also blames the prosecutor, Foxx's Nick Rice, and everyone else involved with the case, as they're picked off one by one while Shelton sits in a jail cell waiting for his sentencing. That's probably already more than you should know going into this smart, sharp thriller that keeps you guessing at every turn with lots of shocks and surprises, but it's obvious that Gray has set the right mood and tone to make it quite a riveting film.



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