INTERVIEW: Director Danny Boyle on the sci-fi thriller ‘Sunshine’


MoviesOnline sat down with British director Danny Boyle to talk about his new film, "Sunshine,” a high tension sci fi-action-horror space thriller filled with eye-popping visual effects and edge-of-your-seat action. The idea for the film was born in the agile imagination of writer Alex Garland, the leading British novelist who made waves with his debut book "The Beach” and wrote the screenplay for the acclaimed sci-fi thriller "28 Days Later.” With a mix of far-reaching imagination and technical virtuosity, Boyle ventures into unexplored realms of outer space in this intense, claustrophobic adventure about a crew of scientists and astronauts who literally are humanity’s last stand for survival.

Boyle has already forged a reputation for daring eclecticism, having traversed from the irreverent and influential cult film "Trainspotting” to the family fable "Millions” to a harrowing, thought-provoking reinvention of the zombie film with "28 Days Later.” With "Sunshine,” Boyle was drawn in not only by the chance to envision a futuristic space voyage but especially to explore the crew’s psychological journey as they head out across the cosmos, towards the literal center of our lives, the Sun.

(Source: Movies Online)

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