INTERVIEW: Christian Bale on being ‘The Dark Knight’

We go cape to cape with the caped crusader Christian Bale and talk The Dark Knight! In the follow-up to the action hit “Batman Begins,” Bale returns to the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman and reunites with writer/director Christopher Nolan in their third collaboration together.

“Batman Begins” opened a new chapter in the Batman film franchise by taking the legendary character back to his origins, re-imagining why and how the billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne became the enigmatic crime fighter known to the world as Batman. In “The Dark Knight,” the character is fully formed.

Christian Bale is a terrific actor and we really appreciated his time. Dressed in a dark shirt and slacks and sporting a buzz cut for “Terminator Salvation” which he’s currently filming, here’s what he had to tell us about “The Dark Knight”.

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