INTERVIEW: Actor Justin Theroux on writing the ‘Iron Man 2’ screenplay

Justin Theroux has a long resume as both a cult actor (”Muholland Dr.”) and screenwriter (”Tropic Thunder”). Through a key connection and his own point-of-view, he was hired to write “Iron Man 2,” the sequel to one of the biggest blockbusters ever.

Theroux is best known as an actor, especially in films for director David Lynch – both Muholland and “Inland Empire.” He has done stints in television, in “The District,” “Six Feet Under” and “Parks and Recreation.” He even topped those recently by playing John Hancock in the multi-award winning “John Adams” miniseries on HBO.

His breakthrough screenplay was 2008’s “Tropic Thunder,” which starred Robert Downey, Jr. (who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man), which led to his latest assignment, the screenplay for Iron Man 2.


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