INTERVIEW: A Chat with The Ruins’ Laura Ramsey


Amongst the cast of DreamWorks' horror movie The Ruins, Laura Ramsey has the most experience with the horror and supernatural having appeared in Venom and The Covenant, which may be why her character Stacy is put through some of the most grueling and gut-wrenching situations in the new movie from Carter Smith, based on Scott Smith's novel. As one of five friends who try to survive after awakening a dangerous and deadly secret within the ruins of a Mayan temple in Mexico, the pretty blonde actress certainly seems to get the most face time in the trailer and clips as we see her put through a series of horrible things that are not for the squeamish. talked to Ramsey during a quick series of phone interviews, which included a chat with her co-stars Jena Malone and Shawn Ashmore.

(Shock Till You Drop)

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