INTERVIEW: ‘2012’ Director Roland Emmerich

After once laying waste to the White House and and twice devastating New York, disaster-genre kingpin Roland Emmerich leaves no metropolis unwrecked in his new blockbuster 2012. The whole globe, in fact, gets the Emmerich treatment, from a 10.5 Los Angeles quake from which Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) flees with his family to a mile-high tsunami that drowns the lower Himalayas. It’s the epic culmination of Emmerich’s weird dualistic vision — utopia through dystopia, loving families bound by peril and death, cataclysm as a social movement. And it’s actually kind of a blast. The filmmaker spoke to Movieline recently about why we love disasters, why his imagination can’t be stopped, and why Adam Lambert isn’t as big a spoiler as you might have thought.


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