INTERVIEW: ‘1408’ director Mikael Hafstrom on handling Stephen King


When it comes to Stephen King film adaptations, there's the good ("The Shawshank Redemption"), the bad ("Dreamcatcher") and the downright inept 'n ugly ("The Mangler"). It's a game of hit or miss, as Swedish director Mikael Håfström ("Derailed") was fully aware going into Dimension Films' 1408 

Arguably, it can be said that many of the big screen King misfires putrefy at their core due to an anemic script or because the source material didn't lend itself to adaptation. "1408" (printed in the "Everything's Eventual" collection) - the story of Mike Enslin, a writer testing his wits against a haunted New York City hotel room - is one of King's strongest works, practically bleeding for cinematic attention.  

For assistance, Håfström brought in the crackerjack writing team of Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski ("Ed Wood"). Add the perfect, caustic "everyman" John Cusack to the mix, couple him with Samuel L. Jackson for some scenes of crackling verbal sparring, and what you've got is Stephen King done right.

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