Inside the mind of Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline likes to have words put in his mouth, especially if they're coming from great screenwriters or, better yet, playwrights like Shakespeare and Edmond Rostand.

Then Kline can work the kind of magic that turns new or familiar characters into something memorable.

On his own, he may struggle and hem and haw to find the best way to express his feelings on a variety of subjects, primarily his latest role in the independent film "The Extra Man," the opening night selection for the 12th Sarasota Film Festival.

Kline will attend the screening at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall Friday night and will take part in a more intimate conversation on Saturday at the Gompertz Theatre.

Asked if he's happy with the film and his role and Kline pauses in a telephone conversation from New York.

"Happy. Happy? Well, actually, I'm quite happy with it. In fact, if I weren't happy about it, I wouldn't talk about it at all. I'm happy with it," he said.



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