The Making Of Bruno

The producers were euphoric when Baron Cohen (as Brüno in a Velcro suit covered with clothing) fell onto the runway. The crowd went wild in outrage while the cameras rolled. Just as the team caught the footage they needed, security shut the lights off and dragged Baron Cohen off the stage. Police cuffed the actor and hauled him to jail while his fellow crewmembers chased him down. Though he claimed that he’d made an honest mistake—he’d simply put on a Velcro suit and walked in—Baron Cohen was strip searched and questioned by seven police officers. 

Every Hollywood movie comes with a stack of production notes, released to journalists and prospective film critics. Normally these are a patent bore, full of canned interviews in which stars talk in vague glowing terms about the people they worked with and the movie itself. Bruno though, is as always a little different. 

Today Universal Pictures sent us production notes forBruno. Instead of the usual bunch of fluff, contained within them is an in depth, behind the scenes look of just what it takes to make Bruno happens. Contained within Bruno’s production notes are just a sampling of the war stories of the movie’s guerilla filmmaking crew. This is the stuff journalists never get in interviews with Sacha Baron Cohen because, of course, he’s always in character and as far as Bruno’s concerned there was no movie, it’s just his life. 


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