“Inception” gives fans a movie to think about

What's wrong with this picture? The summer season's biggest buzz movie has no robots, no vampires, no aliens, no toys, or no comic book characters in iron suits.

And it's not even in 3D!

But what "Inception," which debuts in theaters on Friday, does have is Leonardo DiCaprio, "Dark Knight" director Chris Nolan and enough sharp thinking to sink the Titanic.

The big-budget, sci-fi film about a team of freelance dream thieves headed by DiCaprio's Dom Cobb is no frothy teen dream populated by women in little clothing, men baring their six-pack abs, or robots bashing the pixels out of each other.

Instead, Nolan, who also wrote and produced "Inception," plunges the audience into the murky and often disturbing depths of the subconscious mind, where anything goes but nothing is quite what it seems.


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