In step on the casting couch with a casting director

 Kahleen Crawford got her first casting director...

SO THIS is it, the legendary piece of soft furnishing on which stars are made. The casting couch I'm sitting on is blue leather, and sinks squashily on contact. It has, as the casting director opposite informs me from a lounging position, "been totally bummed" to the point of collapse.

I am pretty sure that this is simply a reference to the fact it is no longer in prime condition due to the number of optimistic actors' rear ends it has supported over the years and nothing more sordid. Kahleen Crawford, the casting director who has put the faces to the characters of many of the most successful movies to come out of Scotland in recent years - from Ae Fond Kiss to Hallam Foe - doesn't really seem the type to take advantage of her position. To be honest, at a young-looking 28, this petite Glasgow girl, all cute print shift dress, thick tights and Ugg boots, appears almost too girly to be making her way to the top of the notoriously tough film business, but it is clear that, when it comes to actors, she knows exactly what she's looking for.


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