In Hollywood, the Wall St. Plots Will Thicken

Just a few months ago, Lifetime Television started adapting the Candace Bushnell novel “Trading Up” into a movie, figuring an aspirational story about the entitled rich and their limousine culture nailed the cultural moment.

The setting would be New York, of course — or, as it is described by Ms. Bushnell, a city where “the streets seemed to sparkle with the gold dust filtered down from a billion trades in a boomtown economy.”

Time for a rewrite.

Suddenly, across Hollywood, the stock market is not such a sexy subject anymore — at least not in a yearning sense. “Overnight, it was like the script had been written two years ago,” said Arturo Interian, Lifetime’s vice president for original movies. Mr. Interian is still keen on the movie, with one major revision: fewer discussions about stock, more about playing it safe with bonds. And how about throwing in a pariah chief executive?

(New York Times)


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