Howling at the “New Moon” Premiere

She wore Oscar de la Renta, he wore Gucci, but the hottest couple in show business right now didn't do a bit of snuggling on the "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" premiere red carpet on Monday night, Nov. 16, in Los Angeles. We're talking about Kristen Stewartand Robert Pattinson, or Edward and Bella, as their legions of fans think of them, the star-crossed lovers of author Stephanie Meyers' four-book vampire-werewolf series and now two-movie franchise.

The are-they or aren't-they-dating couple did get a bit more chummy at the after party, after Stewart ditched that gown for her favorite uniform of black jeans and leather hoodies, but earlier in the evening it was all about the masses of howling fans that lined the streets outside the Mann Village Theatre. Pattinson really had fun with the gaggles of girls that had camped out for days to get close to their blood-sucking hero, as did Taylor Lautner, who looked natty in a Calvin Klein suit. Neither one bared any skin, however, despite the fan-held signs that begged for just that.

Most of those fans on hand at the premiere were the under-20 set, but at an earlier press conference, Pattinson revealed that his fanatic "Twilight" fans come in all forms.


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