How to work with a film composer


Now hear this:  the moving image, as we know it, would be nothing without music.  Since the days of "silent" pictures, filmmakers (and audiences) have realized that music playing over a scene can add, bring out, depth, dimension to the storytelling.  Music in film is so powerful that when it's absent it's provocative, despite the misfortune that real life has no soundtrack.  Recent movies like No Country for Old Men, Cache, and Cloverfield have gone diegetic, that is, they provide as soundtrack only what's heard during the action taking place.  Just like real life. 

But who needs "real life" when you have reel life and its non-diegetic soundtracks:  from the swelling opera of Ennio Morricone to the mod sophistication of John Barry to the hypnotic stabs of Bernard Herrmann.  Diegetic?  It's for the birds.  Instead, how about the mercurial seasonings of George S. Clinton?



Film Scoring/Movie Soundtracks

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