How to pitch a movie idea with comics

Ever thought of how some movies get made over others? That's because the people who pitch them in a room full of executives understand the power of visuals to overwhelm and impress. Comic books may be a medium of mass consumption but it's appeal as a pitching tool has yet to be fully realized. But some producers do get it and use it smartly as the following case study will reveal.

Before "Sherlock Holmes" was a movie opening on Christmas Day, it was a comic. Sort of.

Producer Lionel Wigram wanted to do a modern retelling of the classic detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. "I wanted to present Sherlock Holmes not as a fuddy duddy, 'Masterpiece Theatre' guy," said the British-bred Wigram.

Wigram came up with a story treatment but "realized that wasn't going to be enough." He then decided to give his story some comic book pizazz in order to better convey the atmosphere and the attitude. It's one thing to write that the new Holmes has a bohemian or rock-and-roll attitude, as Wigram was going for, but it's another to show a piece of art which embodies it.


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