How to make an action movie with director George Tillman Jr.

Directing Action Movie

It's hard these days trying to make an action movie that connects with an audience. How does a director make a cheap and good action movie with some indie cred?

"Faster," Dwayne Johnson's return to grown up action fare after several family-targeted outings, has been an underperformer since its release Nov. 24. To date it's grossed just $18.2 million domestically. But as director George Tillman Jr. explains, "Faster" wasn't as expensive as you'd expect. That owes a lot to Tillman's early indie experience and his exhaustive preparation before filming even begins.


As the director, I try to go in and know as much as I can about the material. I really try to go in and understand what all the characters are about, what the movie’s going to look like. I go in and storyboard as much as I can, even though I don’t have the job, just so they can see the visual presentation and how it’s going to look, what it’s going to sound like. I’m always giving them a lot of music, storyboards of how the major scenes are going to go. Sometimes I’ll direct some of the scenes and show them how the scenes will be acted out.


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