How to become a visual effects producer

Visual Effects Producer

My working process is simple enough. A movie will come to the company with a script. Together with my visual effects supervisor, we have a meeting where we break down the script into storyboards and give them advice on how they should approach certain sequences. The main issues are whether it should be shot as miniatures, as live action elements, or if there needs to be CG [computer-generated] work in there too, and how we can do it.

A lot of our work is with computer-driven motion-control cameras. It's a way of replicating a camera move over and over again. At its most basic, in a film such as Babe, you want to shoot a lot of animals together in one scene, so you work out your camera move, put one animal in, shoot it, then swap it for another. You replicate that process until you've built up that entire scene. A lot of the rest involves filming miniatures and model work for scenes that can't be realised on set or on computer.


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