How George Clooney handles fame


Even people who don't care much for George Clooney (and there are some) would admit he handles this fame business with consummate skill.   At a time when so many celebrities revel in being loud and embarrassing - falling drunkenly out of cars, flaunting their addictions, careering in and out of rehab - Clooney stays composed and cool in the eye of a media hurricane, maintaining his dignity and his sense of self. 

This much was in evidence at the Venice Film Festival two weeks ago. He was promoting his new film, Michael Clayton, a sophisticated thriller about an amoral fixer in a corporate law firm. In Venice, he was easily the star most hotly in demand from both the public and the media: more so than Brad Pitt, Michael Caine, Richard Gere, Ewan McGregor or Charlize Theron. 

(Source: The Telegraph UK)

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