How Apple’s iPad Streamlines Work On A Movie Set

Apple's iPad is being used for many different things but it is starting to get traction with filmmakers who are using it for a multitude of reasons.

Apple’s iPad might not seem to be a logical addition to Final Cut Pro, but it’s being used extensively on a new feature film being shot on location in Cambridge. Dimensions is the directorial debut of Sloane U’Ren, who previously worked as Art Director on major features, including Batman Begins, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Being John Malkovich. Set in the 1920s and ‘30s, the film follows the life of Stephen, a brilliant but troubled physicist, obsessed with the death of a childhood friend fifteen years earlier.

The feature is being filmed with Canon’s 5D Mk II, often with a multi-camera setup. Rushes are automatically transferred from the CF cards to a pair of G-Safe RAID arrays, on-location, by custom software. The software then stamps the camera files with timecode, based on the creation date of the file, and transcodes the H.264 from the cameras into ProRes 422 HQ for editing on another G-Technology drive, an 8TByte G-Speed eS (configured as RAID 5) in the edit suite.



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