How 3-D Lost Its Wow

We have seen the future of cinema, sort of, and it is called “Bolt,” the new Disney cartoon that opened Friday. “Bolt” is noteworthy not because it tells the story of a cute, big-eyed animal who overcomes incredible obstacles only after he accepts himself for who he is — that would be the story of nearly every animated movie — but because it is being released in Disney Digital 3-D on nearly 1,000 screens nationwide, the largest digital 3-D release to date. (It is also showing on 2,600 screens in a normal, “flat,” version.)

Along with “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” which came out in 3-D in July, and spring’s Hannah Montana-Miley Cyrus concert movie, a surprise hit also in 3-D, “Bolt” represents a tipping point in what some very smart people in Hollywood expect will be a revolution.


Digital Cinema, Hollywood

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