Hollywood’s power couple

Director. Actor. Key Grip. Foley Mixer. Driver for Mr. Damon. Special-effects supervisor ... Can't stay in your seat till the end of the credits? That's because moviemaking is an extreme team art form, requiring a throng of people with specialized skills to gather for a few months, often in a strange land, and spend long hours in the frequently divergent pursuits of creativity and profit. The director is their aesthetic leader, but the producer is their boss. And the bosses everyone wants to work for in Hollywood are a married team: Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

Kennedy and Marshall's credits read like a history of blockbuster cinema, from popcorn pictures like those in the Indiana Jones and Back to the Future series to thrillers like The Sixth Sense and critics' faves Schindler's List and Seabiscuit. Their shared filmography adds up to more than $5 billion at the U.S. box office. This year the Kennedy/Marshall Co. produced the blue-chip franchise flick The Bourne Ultimatum and two ambitious independent films with Oscar buzz, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Persepolis.

They're also at work on a some of 2008's most anticipated movies, including the fourth Indiana Jones installment and a Brad Pitt-Cate Blanchett epic romance called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. "They have impeccable taste--in people, in material," says DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. "People will follow those two into the impossible."

(Source: Time)

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