Hollywood Job Cuts Spur Demand for Mental Health Care

As a therapist in private practice and a volunteer at a free mental health clinic in Los Angeles, I have become aware of a new group of severely depressed people: those who have lost their jobs in the entertainment industry. Their skills have become dispensable in this economy, and their sense of self-worth has plummeted along with their bank accounts.

Beverly Hills is an industry town, home to movie-making and television production. This community is used to a life of creative fulfillment and a sense of everyday well-being. The people who have been cut off from this world are having a hard time finding their way. The phrase “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” — the title of a 1986 Hollywood farce — has become a widespread reality.

California’s unemployment rate is more than 12 percent — much higher than the national average. Entertainment companies — including Disney, Warner Brothers and Paramount — have been among those that have cut jobs.


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