Here Comes Everyboy, Again


On June 6 a new Adam Sandler comedy — its pseudomysterious, catchphrase-ready title is “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” — will open across the country. This is hardly a surprising piece of news, since a new Adam Sandler comedy comes around just about every spring or summer. Last year was “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” before that was “Click,” and so on, for as far back as most of Mr. Sandler’s audience can remember.

Which leads me to observe that before this summer is over (on Sept. 9, to be exact), Mr. Sandler will turn 42. I’m not saying that’s especially old — I’ll beat him to that nonmilestone of early middle age by about two months — and I suppose there’s no reason to be surprised. Mr. Sandler has, it seems, been around forever. You have to be pretty long in the tooth to remember what life was like before he showed up as a junior cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” singing dumb songs and doing bad accents on “Weekend Update.”

(New York Times)

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