`Hellboy II’ director del Toro loves his demons


The worst monsters in your most terrifying dreams probably would run and hide from the creatures Guillermo del Toro puts on a movie screen.

Del Toro, creator of the visionary fairy tale "Pan's Labyrinth," offers a universe of otherworldly creations in "Hellboy II: The Golden Army," the follow-up to his 2004 adventure about a superhero who's a demon from below.

Among the denizens of the "Hellboy" sequel are an Angel of Death whose black wings are pocked with eyeballs, tiny tooth fairies that burrow savagely through human flesh to munch on the bones within, and a shopkeeper with a cathedral-shaped head. The movie includes a visit to a troll market below Manhattan that is wall-to-wall with creatures rivaling the "Star Wars" cantina sequence for inventiveness.

Del Toro has lived with such beasts in his head since his boyhood in Mexico.

(Yahoo News)


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