Hayden Black – the new class of web series showrunners

In early 2006, just after YouTube achieved mainstream awareness through its battle with NBC over the Saturday Night Liveshort "Lazy Sunday," a much less contentious development was taking place in the world of scripted online content.Hayden Black, a British expatriate, formed a production company, Evil Global Corp., and began the first of his Web comedy series, Goodnight Burbank, a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional local newscast.

Black writes, produces, and stars in the series, which he has expanded to include Goodnight BurbankBreaking News and Goodnight BurbankHollywood Report. It can be seen on BabelGum.com and will continue until mid-July. Another series, Abigail's Teen Diary, stars Black as a 13-year-old girl with the fictitious Bloomberger's disease, which turns an otherwise normal girl into a middle-aged man.


Actors, Internet TV

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