Halle Berry’s career survives ‘Catwoman’ fiasco


Halle Berry breezed into the hotel restaurant beaming, her hair long and loose, her pregnant belly barely hidden under a snug black jersey dress, her glamour muted but still compelling enough to hush the jaded Four Seasons crowd and befuddle the waiter. She joked easily, but a bit self-consciously, about her pregnancy weight and her abundant bosom and wondered aloud how hard it would be as a diabetic and at 41 to regain her famous figure after the baby.

In that instant, Berry was just another anxious, first-time mom-to-be. But that candor gracefully gave way to the comfortable self-possession of one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors, reportedly earning $14 million per picture. On this Monday morning, the eve of the L.A. premiere of her new film "Things We Lost in the Fire," Berry wasn't keen on girl talk. 

She was, however, eager to defend the detour into commercial and critical disappointments her career took after she earned an Oscar in 2002 for "Monster's Ball," from the horror film "Gothika" to her turn as "Catwoman." It was all part of her strategic plan, she said. 

(Source: LA Times)

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