Grown-ups like a good summer flick too

Hollywood used to be one of the few places that actually could trust anyone over 30; fortysomethings even more so; and at 50-plus there was little mystery at all. Their taste, and more important for the bean counters of Tinseltown, their choices were predictable.

If it was a serious film about adult matters with solid performances, count them in. A romantic weepy, stock the Kleenexes because at least the women would be there. Put up a smart thriller, especially espionage of the intellectually challenging sort, and they would show up. Foreign films, you bet. Documentaries, again, yes.

But within the last year or so, grown-ups have become more fickle than a 17-year-old male, which used to be the movie industry's "it" guy, as in if you got him to the film, success would be a guarantee.



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