Golden Globe Awards cancelled this year


The 2003 Oscar ceremony had the misfortune to fall on the same weekend that "Operation Iraqi Freedom" broke out in the Middle East. Various luminaries bailed out at the last minute, viewing figures went through the floor and the organisers hastily rolled up the red carpet (and then bizarrely replaced it with one that came in a sensitive shade of plum). It was quite the weirdest Academy Awards I can remember; a nervous, half-cocked, billion-dollar redundancy.

The 2008 Oscars may yet be weirder still. Today comes the news that Sunday's Golden Globe ceremony has fallen victim to the ongoing writers' strike, with actors (in a rare moment of solidarity) reportedly refusing to cross the picket line. This raises the very real prospect of the Oscars following suit, with the traditional celebrity blow-out replaced by something altogether more streamlined and Spartan.

This year's Golden Globes will still be awarded, of course - just not in the manner to which we have grown accustomed. Instead, NBC plans to run a one hour "magazine show" featuring clips from the nominated films, followed by a utilitarian press conference in which the winners' names will be read out (possibly by Jorge Camara; possibly by a passing janitor). After that the TV crews will scour Hollywood in the hopes of flushing the victors from hiding: gate-crashing private parties, door-stopping the houses on Mulholland Drive, running amok in rehab facilities. Whatever it takes.

(Source: Guardian UK)

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