‘Glee’ creators stage movie musical in a week

Glee movie musical

Did you know that the creators of Glee can create a movie musical in about a week? With enormous pressure, the show creators are driven to make it happen in that time crunch.

According to costume designer Lou Eyrich,  "Every episode is eight days. And we get a script three, four days into it, so we basically have four days of prep and then start shooting, and then catch up a little bit in the next few days.

There are many talented artists on Glee that make the show sing when it finally airs. Among them is Music director Adam Anders, who preps and orchestrates the music. Anders is gleeful about the process: "I think this is the most civil you will ever see us because we are always fighting for time," he says. "We never have enough time, of course. But you gotta make it work."

Working with a partner in Sweden, Anders works an episode ahead of the others. "When they're shooting, the music has to be done," he says. "We arrange everything ... we take our cues from (co-creator) Ryan Murphy. 'Do you want this to be a kind of ode to the original? Do you want a reinvention? What are we looking for here?' We're trying to serve the story, and we go from there.

Then there’s the chorepgraphy and Zach Wodlee has the challending job – he preps for eight hours for each dance number wich includes the singing.

The show creator of Glee is Ryan Murphy who created FX’s Nip/Tuck in the past. Murphy says, “We didn't know what we were doing when we started. We were kind of making it up as we went along. But the one thing that really clicked for me is when we went on tour, which was instantly sold out, which was amazing, and all the kids were there, and they would come out. Some of them would have two lines, three lines, and they got these huge ovations, and they had their sort of mini fan clubs.”

Murphy’s initial inspiration for ‘Glee’ was the movie ‘Election’. "I think high school shows work, and I think college shows do not, because I think high school shows are about firsts: first love, first kiss, first fights," says Murphy.

"And one of the concepts of the show is when you are in a high school, at moments I think it feels like a suddenly bright light, spotlight hits you, and you feel very exposed, which is sort of a hyper-surreal place, so I think with that in mind, that's why we do some of those moments."

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