Giving away DVDs to sell newspapers


Here’s a sub – head on a Times of London feature about Bill Forsyth, the writer and director of the 1981 movie, Gregory’s Girl: ‘Gregory’s Girl, free with the Times on Saturday, is a much-loved cult film …’ The article ran to near 2,000 words.

And its main purpose apparently was to promote that The Times is giving away the DVD of the movie on Saturday. Its web site, beneath the byline, invites the reader to “watch the Gregory’s Girl trailer”.

Not only that, but the web site also offered a short blurb offering readers the chance to call up the pdf of the original Times review as published June 5, 1981. And all of this is on editorial pages.

It’s in aid of selling this Saturday’s newspaper. House ads are one thing, but using editorial to promote a marketing exercise? To the traditionalists that really crosses the line; to the modernists anything is fair these days in the effort to increase circulation.

The Times is beginning on Saturday a major giveaway promotion starting with Gregory’s Girl. The Sunday Times follows with a free CD of music from the movies, and then The Times next week gives away DVDs of the movies, Shakespeare in Love, Trainspotting, Billy Elliot, “The Hours” and “The Queen”.

(Source: FTM)


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