George Clooney draws buzz at Toronto Film Festival

What does it mean that after four days of North America’s most important film festival all anybody wants to talk about is George Clooney? It means his publicity people are thrilled. It also means that this man has suddenly recaptured the imagination of a media and moviegoing public hungry for the approachable, chummy Hollywood glamour Clooney represents. With two movies at the Toronto International Film Festival, he’s been charmingly unflappable since he arrived. Wearing a cast on his arm hasn’t stopped him from signing autographs and singing to strangers.

If he is a studio’s dream, he is also many other people’s. On my way home from “The Men Who Stare at Goats,’’ a so-so comedy that stars a mustached Clooney as a psychic soldier, I passed an argument among three teenagers in which Clooney was “irresistible’’ to the girl and one boy, the other boy saying he wanted to be Clooney.


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