Gareth Edwards makes ‘Monsters’ movie with minimal crew

Director Gareth Edwards made his movie 'Monsters' on the cheap with desktop tools from simple software. 'Monsters' is about the aftermath of an alien invasion where the area south of the American border is infected with alien creatures. Edwards was partly inspired to make Monsters by his experience directing a far more crew-ed up film about Attila the Hun for the BBC, albeit one whose effects he also created on his home computer

Edwards said that during the shoot in Mexico and Central America, mayhem seemed to turn up everywhere. “In Guatemala, there was a gunfight outside our hotel,” he recalls. “And there was a prison riot and prisoners decapitated some inmates and put their heads by the prison fence. We tried to hide that from the actors. One time we went through Mexico and the week before, there had been a machine-gunning at a local café. We tried not to tell the actors about that either.”

A very minimal crew was used to make the movie. Actor Scott McNair joked, "We were filming behind-the-scenes material,” says Edwards, “and after a while he got paranoid that it was going to turn out to be a film about a film going wrong. Like we were somehow tricking them. He kept bringing this up a lot, so we’d play along with it and talk about when we were going to get the ‘real’ footage and then we’d all shut up as he walked in.”

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