FX drama “Sons of Anarchy” a bloodthirsty ride

It's too easy to compare the harrowing new FX original drama "Sons of Anarchy" to "The Sopranos," with leather jackets and Harley-Davidsons replacing the tailored suits and pasta.

No, the relentlessly grim and wrenching "Anarchy" is what you get when the thuggery quotient travels off the scale and it becomes nearly impossible to stomach spending time in the same room with the savage characters populating it.

Brace yourself for the show's premiere on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT/PDT. The ambition and first-rate acting are impossible to miss during the first pair of 13 episodes. It serves up the superior production values that we've come to expect from a network that turns out consistent, envelope-pushing greatness ("The Shield," "Rescue Me," "Damages," "Nip/Tuck"). This biker-family crime saga emerges from its cocoon very much in that same FX quality mode. But in this case, the swaggering nastiness of this unredeeming clan leaves "Anarchy" a decidedly tough sell.


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