Fred Durst turns movie director with Ice Cube in ‘The Longshots’

Taking in a screening of the film The Longshots starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer, I was struck by its poignant portrayal of a young girl who makes it to the Pop Warner Football League’s Superbowl as the first and only female football player to ever be a part of its league. Based on the real life of Jasmine Plummer, The Longshots tackles (no pun intended) the issues of absentee fathers, single parent households, adolescence and sexual equality, all while managing to be uplifting and family friendly.


I was more struck, however, by the knowledge that Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst directed this heartfelt, character driven feature film. Certain adjectives typically come to mind when one hears the name Fred Durst, or better, sees his trademark red carpet image: tattoos, backwards baseball cap, and flipping the bird while expressing some degree of generic angst. Such paparazzi shots are plentiful online, but perhaps they have all been for effect, or perhaps Fred Durst has simply moved on. Somewhere between sharing his hardcore version of George Michael’s “Faith” and belting out “Nookie,” Durst decided that he was an artistic filmmaker trapped inside the body of a rock star. And to his credit, he may be on to something.



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