Francis Ford Coppola makes movie on his own terms


In “The Liberation of Francis Ford Coppola” (December), Bruce Handy profiles the legendary filmmaker as he prepares to release Youth Without Youth, his first picture as a director in a decade—and one of the most audacious in his entire filmography.

The movie, which stars Tim Roth and is adapted from a Romanian novella, is dense and at times surreal. Prominent among its many themes are the questions of measuring a life’s work, coming to terms with—or rejecting—the personal sacrifices one makes for one’s career, and suffering the pain of unrealized ambitions.

In these outtakes from their conversations, conducted on the grounds of Coppola’s impossibly picturesque estate and vineyard in the Napa Valley, the director talks to Handy about parallel issues in his own life. To read “The Liberation of Francis Ford Coppola,” pick up the December Vanity Fair.

(Source: Vanity Fair)

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